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Welcome to Apollon Audio – where sound transforms into an art form.

At Apollon Audio, we're not just in the business of creating amplifiers; we're in the art of sculpting sonic experiences.

Founded in 2012 by the multi-talented Tibor Marksel, Apollon Audio's journey intertwines deeply with the essence of music, audio engineering, and the pursuit of impeccable craftsmanship. As a musician, mixing and mastering engineer, and an astute audiophile with an exceptional auditory palate, Tibor's trained ears became the cornerstone of Apollon's commitment to precision and exceptional build quality.

Our early days were dedicated to crafting amplifiers tailored for the professional world - from mixing and mastering studios to powerful PA systems. But as word spread of our unparalleled sound quality, it was only natural to extend our expertise to the audiophile community, pushing boundaries and changing perceptions about Class D Amps along the way.

What sets our Class D Amplifiers apart?

Our Class D Amplifiers, handcrafted with precision and passion, are not just products. Handcrafted with an artist's touch and an engineer's precision, every piece we produce speaks of our unwavering belief in supreme sound quality. And this isn’t limited to just sound. The robustness, the feel, and the aesthetics of our amplifiers are a testament to our obsession with exceptional build quality.




But what truly makes our amplifiers exceptional is that they offer all of this without burning a hole in your pocket. With Apollon, excellence is accessible. We pride ourselves on offering incredible value for every dime you invest with us. 

Driven by Tibor's relentless perfectionism, we've achieved significant milestones over the years. From our beginnings to delivering thousands of amplifiers worldwide, our dedication to impeccable build quality and superior sonic performance has remained steadfast.

Quality is a choice.

At Apollon Audio we use only the best materials and connectors available on the market and also give you the option of configuring the enclosure to what suits you the best.

Because of the transparency and uncoloured dynamic sound our products are best suited for the most demanding pro audio users and audiophiles that are not ready to make any compromises and settle for only the best.

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The superiority of a Class-D amplifiers

Class D audio amplification, particularly when integrated into Apollon Audio amplifiers with OEM suppliers like Hypex and Purifi, offers a multitude of benefits for audiophiles and recording studio owners. Here are the advantages of Class D amplification and how these renowned OEM suppliers enhance the audio experience:

   • Superior Sound Quality: Class D amplifiers with Hypex and Purifi modules integrated into Apollon Audio amplifiers provide exceptional sound quality. These OEM suppliers have a strong focus on audio fidelity and employ advanced modulation techniques, feedback mechanisms, and innovative circuit designs. The result is a transparent and accurate sound reproduction, allowing audiophiles to experience their favorite music with remarkable clarity and detail. Recording studio owners can rely on these amplifiers to accurately reproduce their audio recordings without coloration or distortion.

   • High Power Efficiency: Class D amplifiers excel in efficiency, and with Hypex and Purifi modules, Apollon Audio amplifiers take this advantage further. These OEM suppliers are known for their cutting-edge technology that ensures maximum power efficiency. This efficiency translates into reduced power consumption, minimizing operational costs for both audiophiles and recording studio owners without compromising on audio performance.

   • Ample Power Output: Apollon Audio amplifiers integrated with Hypex and Purifi modules deliver substantial power output. These OEM suppliers provide modules with high power capabilities, allowing audiophiles to drive demanding loudspeakers with ease and achieve higher volume levels. Recording studio owners can benefit from the ample power reserves, enabling them to accurately monitor and reproduce audio recordings with exceptional dynamics.

   • Flexibility and Customization: Apollon Audio amplifiers with Hypex and Purifi modules offer flexibility and customization options to meet specific requirements. These OEM suppliers provide a range of amplifier modules with different power ratings, input/output options, and features. Audiophiles and recording studio owners can select the appropriate configuration that suits their unique needs, ensuring seamless integration into their audio setups.

   • Reputation and Reliability: Hypex and Purifi are highly regarded OEM suppliers known for their reputation and reliability in the audio industry. Their modules integrated into Apollon Audio amplifiers have garnered acclaim for their performance and quality. Audiophiles and recording studio owners can have confidence in the reliability and durability of these amplifiers, knowing that they are backed by reputable OEM suppliers.

In summary, Class D audio amplification integrated into Apollon Audio amplifiers with Hypex and Purifi modules offers superior sound quality, high power efficiency, ample power output, flexibility, and customization. These benefits make them an ideal choice for audiophiles seeking uncompromising audio fidelity and recording studio owners requiring accurate audio reproduction. The collaboration between Apollon Audio and these reputable OEM suppliers ensures a high-quality audio experience with the added advantages of efficiency, reliability, and customization options

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    What is the estimated waiting time?
    All of our products are handbuild and build to order. The estimated lead time is 14 working days for stereo amplifiers/monoblocks, 21 days for multichannel amplifiers, and 30 working days for all Premium amplifiers. Please note that weekends and public holidays do not count as working days.
    Can i get your amplifiers in a different color?
    You can choose from our standard colours: piano black, silver metallic, alpine white, pearl white or you can pick your own custom color! You also choose from black or silver feet.
    I have 110V mains voltage in my house. Can I use your amplifiers?
    At checkout, you can choose to have your amp configured for 90-132V or 180 -264V. If there is no option to choose the main voltage when configuring your amplifier this means, that that amplifier will automatically adapt to the availiable voltage and will work in the full range of 90 - 264V.
    Do your products come with a warranty?
    Yes! Our products have 2 year warranty.
    Do you ship worldwide?
    We ship worldwide - simply click "Add to Cart" or "Checkout with Paypal" choose your country and enter your City and valid ZIP code to calculate the shipping costs.