Apollon NC800 SL Amplifier


The Hypex NC500 based amplifier has the option to use a custom input buffer board with class A op amps that makes the Hypex NC500 work to its fullest potential and create a mind-blowing musical experience. With our NC800SL Amplifier you have the option to choose our custom Apollon input buffer board built around Sonic Imagery 994, Sonic Imagery 990 PRO OP Amps or Sparkos Labs SS2590 PRO op amps and Sparkos Labs regulators. The Apollon input buffer board is using highest quality 1% metal film resistors and audiophile grade polystyrene capacitors, while the power is being conditioned with discrete voltage regulators made by Sparkos Labs.








Stereo True Dual Mono Design
Distortion: THD+N – 0.0008 % 20Hz
Frequency Response: 0 – 50k Hz +0/-3dB
High Input Impedance 94K
Signal to noise ratio: 135db
26.5 dB Gain
Ultra High Damping Factor
Power rating (channel): 550W @ 2ohm | 700W @ 4ohm | 400W @ 8ohm
Case Dimensions: 450 x 82 x 292 mm ( 104mm height with feet)
Weight: 7,7 kg

Hypex SMPS1200A700 (2 pcs.)
Hypex Ncore NC500 amplifier (2 pcs.)
Apollon Audio Input Buffer Board (2 pcs.)
High quality low voltage PSU for standby control
Neutrik gold plated XLR line input sockets (2 pcs.)
Gold plated RCA input sockets with selector switch (2 pcs. optional)
WBT 0703 CU binding posts (4 pcs.)
Neotech UP-OCC 12AWG Solid Copper Speaker output wire
12V Trigger with passthrough (optional)
High quality fused mains input socket with power ON/OFF button
Aluminium enclosure with anti-vibration aluminium feet

Turn on your amplifier remotely with the 12V trigger option. Only when you insert the 3,5mm jack plug into the amplifier the front power on button is disabled and the amplifier will soft start from standby once it gets a 12V signal from your preamp.

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Additional information

Weight 7.7 kg
Dimensions N/A
Enclosure Configuration

10mm Aluminium Faceplate, 4mm 2HE Rackmount Faceplate

Faceplate Color

Silver, Black